ENGLAND- Fish & Chips

England- Fish&Chips- 001After a bit of a wait England finally made their Russia 2018 debut tonight with a last gasp 2-1 win in their opening Group G match against Tunisia in Volgograd.

With a squad of largely new players making their World Cup debuts England may be less inhibited this time around than their previous ‘Golden Generation’ who were held back by having tasted defeat on too many occasions.

In 2014- I made Shepherd’s Pie in honour of their star striker Gary Lineker, which you can see here:


This time around when deciding on a World Cup Dinner for England, I decided to mix things up a little. Thinking that the quintessentially English dish of Fish and Chips might be a good option, I was interested to see that it shares a common origin with the Football Association- both first appeared in 1863!

The Football Association was formed at a meeting to establish the rules of football at The Freemason’s Tavern of Great Queen Street London on 26 October 1863, while it is believed that a northern entrepreneur called John Lees was selling the original fish and chips in his stall at Mossley Market in Lancashire. Who could imagine England without football or chips?!

Rather than attempt a home made Fish & Chips meal, I thought I would take a visit to a local Chippy. Although there were a few good options near me, I decided the place to try was ‘Prego’ on St George’s Road- where better for England right?

England- Fish&Chips- 002We got a tasty fish supper, mushy peas and pickled onions.

I washed it all down with a glass of ‘Sleeping Lemons Export’, a tasty lemon flavoured beer from English brewer the Wild Beer Co. that I picked up earlier at Valhallas Goat at Kelvin Bridge. It went perfectly with the Fish & Chips!

England- Fish&Chips- 003.jpg



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